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This is a wiki dedicated to our personal campaign. Information contained within may or may not 100% match D&D 5e rules, settings, etc.

The Underdark

A group of people band together to escape the prison camps of the drow. After their escape, they attempt a return to normalcy, only to find that there are evil things stirring within The Underdark. It would appear that multiple demon lords are attempting to invade. Why? And can these few "heroes" stop them?

The World

To be completed later

Deity List

List of Deities: The majority of the deities you will find on this list are from the standard 5e Faerûnian Pantheon, however you will find a few that are not. These extra deities are included due to being worshipped by a player character or having some other lore significance.

D&D 5e Ruleset

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